Business and Application Integration

Business and Application Integration

  • What is your opinion about the notion that successful business and IT integration generates additional revenue and adds to the bottomline while lowering operational risk and expenses?
  • Do you agree that the design of products, services, related processes, risk management, analytical accounting and general ledger upload must precede the design and implementation of IT solutions?
  • Why does Capsys offer business consultancy as a first step instead of design of potential IT solutions?


During its 17 year history Capsys has accumulated a wide range of integration expertise and experience on the liability side of bank operations across eight different countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The main value of our expertise lies in the understanding of both business and IT requirements. This unique understanding enables us to carry out projects from business strategy, through requirement definition, to process design, taking into account risk management. We also define analytical and general ledger accounting as the conclusion of all business processes. Based on the above we design and implement IT solutions often integrating them into the a complex application architecture.


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