Pension­ Administration

Pension­ Administration

  • Are you facing challenges trying to reconcile employer reports with actual payments? Is contribution collection a headache?
  • Are you confident your fund administration shows a consistent balance in your books, at your custodian, as well as the total of your participants’ accounts?
  • Can you deal with the immense amount of paperwork in your operations?

Pension Administration is a complex and process intensive business, requiring comprehensive operations and high level of prudency. Capsys has the both business and IT know-how and has a Pension administrationstrong list of references implementing business processes and IT solutions in the pension industry. We’ve worked with different models of analytical processes, both value based and unit based, dealt with major changes in regulation, including transition from distributed collection to centralized collection, and transition from value based to unit based administration. Capsys Europé is a complex and complete pension administration solution, including functionalities for participant account administration, collection, investment/fund management, document management, commission for sales agents, sub-ledger, etc., has many references.

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