Bankcard­­s and Payments

Bankcard­­s and Payments

  • Do you think the perception of the quality of bank services and good reputation is affected by the speed of bankcard transaction processing and the efficiency of bankcard fraud prevention?
  • How important is for your bank operation the speed and availability of bankcard systems?
  • What actual value do you see in working with a local development and implementation partner of a global vendor on the optimization of bankcard systems?

Of the banking services bankcard and payment transactions are on a steady rise virtually unaffected by financial and economic crises. Speed, availabiliy, security of bankcard  and payment systems, and prevention of fraud is of high importance from the point of view of customer and acquirer satisfaction and of the bank’s reputation.

Capsys has delivered successful upgrade, optimization, and implementation projects at banks in various countries, including the solutions of ACI Worldwide Inc. The scope of our projects typically goes beyond implementation and support: we provide business consulting delivering process and operation design.

Our solution expertise include

  • Immediate Payments
  • Aquiring and Switching
  • Back-office
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Card Management
  • Testing
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