• What is the importance of understanding business processes and IT applications in improving the treasury business?
  • Is there value in involving local partner of a global vendor in the local/regional implementation and support of the global vendor’s application?
  • What can a partner of Calypso bring to application implementation projects?

The treasury is the heart of banking operations: it has complex processes, deals with various, often exotic products and markets. Understanding and comprehending the operations, the products, and the supporting processes front-to-back is key to success. Capsys has gained this experience in a universal banking environment carrying out business process design, implementation of various applications and ensuing support services.

Our expertise in the field of business and IT integration is earmarked by our experience in implementing and supporting the Calypso application and by the partnership with Calypso the company. As a result we possess the capacity and the competence to understand the most complex of business environments and IT architectures, based on which we have developed our world class methodology of detecting business and IT requirements.

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