Position Search

Position Search

The following opportunities are offered to those interested in working in our team:

For IT experts, programmers
Software development – developing, designing, specifying Capsys Ltd.’s individual applications

Operating databases – database administration tasks, deployments, performance monitoring, settings

Operating applications – mainly those of banks and pension funds, troubleshooting

For economists
Testing – those of finished applications from the user’s aspect, producing business specifications, parametrizing applications

Consulting – performing the tasks linked to developed and supported applications, participation in consulting, introducing and development projects

Selling – performing sales tasks, maintaining contacts with clients, doing market research and analysis, producing offers, presentations and other sales material

Project leadership – participation in introducing, developing projects, providing co-ordination and leadership

What we offer:
- Knowledge in finances, banking technology, IT
- Versatile, sophisticated tasks
- Pleasant work environment

General requirements:
- Medium-level knowledge of English
- Relevant qualifications or experience


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