Management Board

Management Board

Chairs of the Management Board

Mr. Miklós Erdély

Miklós Erdély
co-CEO, shareholder

After his studies in England in finance and informatics Miklós was in various management positions at banks in the UK and the USA, after which he was appointed CEO of Hypo Securities (a daughter company of HypoBank Wien) in Budapest. In 2000 he joined Capsys representing a group of private investors. As co-CEO with Zoltán Szeles he runs Capsys operations.

Mr. Zoltán Szeles
Zoltán Szeles
co-CEO, founder, and shareholder

After graduating from Budapest University of Economics (recently renamed Corvinus) in 1995 Zoltán joined Deloitte &Touche as a management consultant. He was quickly hunted down by the owners of Procent Investment Ltd, where he became deputy CEO and member of the board. While building his career at Procent he continued his studies and received his MBA from his alma mater. It was at Procent where he built the foundations of his current company: he and his team designed a new retail brokerage software called Zeus. Zeus boasted innovative account administration and trading functionality, multiple portfolio views, and on-line Internet brokerage services, that it was a logical step to apport the solution into a new company, Capsys, and start marketing the solution as a product. CAPSYS Informatikai Ltd. (then Capital Systems Informatikai Ltd.) was registered in 1998, and started its independent operations in 2000. Zoltán and his colleagues bought out Capsys the same year and they run the company as an independent entity ever since.


Members of the Management Board

Mr. Tamás Bába

Tamás Bába
Director of Support Services and Technology

Tamás spent most of his career at GE Money Bank’s Hungarian affiliate Budapest Bank. As an engineer by training he worked in many areas of IT, and he quickly grew through the ranks from IT operator, through department head, to division head. He joined Capsys in 2010 and he is responsible for infrastructure as well as Capsys’ support services.

Mr. Tamás Domonkos

Tamás Domonkos
IT Director and Chief Architect, founder and shareholder

One of the founders of Capsys is Tamás Domonkos, former Head of IT at Procent Investments Ltd. He received his programmer-mathematician diploma from Eötvös Lóránd Science University. He joined Deloitte&Touche where he met Zoltán Szeles and Péter Wolf, and they joined Procent as a team, and later they became the founders of Capsys. Tamás has been part of the Management Board of Capsys since its inception; he is Technical Director, coordinating all areas of software, with specuial focus on innovations, research and development.

Mr. Róbert Kiszely

Róbert Kiszely
Director of Professional Services

Róbert was hired as the first Capsys employee in 1998. He received his programmer-mathematician diploma from Eötvös Lóránd Science University. Róbert took part in the development of Zeus and also the pension fund administration solution of Capsys called Europé, and implementation projects of these products. Today he runs Capsys’ delivery services, and directs implementation, consultancy, and development projects.

Mr. Dániel Szakály

Dániel Szakály
Director of Project Management Office

After graduating with a degree in finance from Budapest University of Economics (recently renamed Corvinus) in 1997 Dániel joined the National Bank of Hungary, the central bank as a financial analyst. He joined Capsys in 2000 and has been in charge of different consultancy and implementation projects. Dániel runs the project management office and he is also in charge of our Calypso center of excellence.

Mr. András Szentgyörgyi

András Szentgyörgyi
Director of Business Development

András joined Capsys in 2003 with focus on business development. After graduating from Budapest University of Economics (recently renamed Corvinus) in 1996 he worked for Citibank in both Venezuela and Hungary, later he joined Bank One, then worked at the Bank of New York and ING Barings in New York City. During most of career András worked in various positions in investment services with special focus on client relations (institutional investors - buy side). Currently he is sales director with special emphasis on international expansion of Capsys sales and services.


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