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Card Management System (CMS)

Card Management System is a bankcard back office solution, that serves both Aquirers and Issuers, and is typically used by banks and payment service providers.

Key functions and features


  • Cards issuing
    • application: manual input or bulk file upload
    • issuance: automatic renewals and emergency replacements
  • Plastic end-to-end management
  • Market segmentation - account classes
  • Fees administration (card, account, transaction, late fees)
  • Billing
    • Repayment method
    • Billing/statement cycle
    • Minimum repayment amount
    • Due date and grace period
  • Statementing
    • Debit card demo statement
    • Credit Card statement
    • Statement type flag
    • ASCII formats
  • Loyalty sceemes


  • Merchant management
    • Acquiring support
    • Merchant relationship management
    • Transaction processing
    • Account terms
    • Merchant services
    • Fraud control
  • Merchant segmentation
  • Products and accounts
  • Interchange (Visa, Mastercard, MIR, Internal, Generic)
  • Dispute management