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Capsys has a 20 year old succesful track record in delivering Securities, Investments and Trading solutions. We provide the IT backbone for the investments business line, whose significance has been growing dramatically within long term savings portfolios, especially in the low interest rate periods, typical in most markets today. For the banks providing retail investment opportunities, this business provides additional fee and commision based revenues, and these revenues can contribute to reducing the overall risks generated by the traditional deposit-loan business model.

Our references include large Banks’ CEE subsidiaries, which use Capsys’ own integrated application, providing a complete, highly automated front-to-back functionality with branchwide distribution, order management, trading and allocation, settlement, etc. Capsys’ IT solutions are designed and developed with a clear focus on stability, scalability and security, low operational risk, and minimal operating cost. Some of the most important added value, based on creative design, precise engineering and combined with senior business expertise and consultancy, is the complete customer view and the complete customer value based on the customer’s financial portfolio.

Pension Administration can be considered a special type of wealth management service due to unique requirements. Capsys has been actively supporting its pension customers and their specific requirements with its own pension specific solution.