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Zeus NXT

Cross-asset, real-time, complete, and customer focused financial portfolio front-to-back ledger


  • Complete portfolio view: Integrates all types of assets and liabilities products and services of a customer that exists within the bank’s and its affiliate companies into a one single portfolio view. (Bank, Asset Management Company, Brokerage, Insurance Company, Mortgage Company, Leasing Company, etc.)
  • Real time balances, portfolios, and transactions front-to-back
  • 360 degree customer view: including the customer’s relational network, like family or enterprise, with aggregation levels on portfolios, fees, etc.
  • Cross-asset account and transaction management capability – cash, deposits, deposits, securities, coins, gold bars, etc.
  • Unified user screen: all transactions managed on one screen
  • Real time on all channels: The same information  can all be shown on different channels: branch client to the bank manager and to the client via e-channels (internet, mobile, tablet, call center) with 24/7 availability even during core system downtimes
  • Immediate payment and immediate transaction booking capabilities in all sales point, like branches, mobile, internet, ATM and POS
  • Omni-channel integration platform between any channel (both physical and virtual) and product supporting core systems within a bank
    • Horizontally integrates the silo based old core banking system architecture into a single view of accounts 
    • Mirroring and buffering capability of other core systems' transactions and balances
    • Centralized customer information database for any integrated systems
    • Easy integration with operational CRM and branch font-end solutions through standard service layer
  • State of the art technology


  • Efficiency: no need to search for information about the customer in various systems, a bank manager sees everything on one screen either as lists or colorful, easy to navigate charts
  • Productivity: reduced time to perform a single transaction, no need to switch between systems to initiate different types of transactions.  Transactions are done on one screen
  • Customer satisfaction: receives all data, transactions and services real time, no time lags
  • Cross asset coverage
  • High level of service on all channels: Customer receives services of the highest unified level both in branch and via e-channels (internet, mobile, tablet, call center)
  • Reduced training costs: Zeus NXT provides high level of ergonomy and is a user-friendly intuition-driven platform that allows staff to quickly start serving customers
  • 24/7 availability, even when core systems are off-line

Overview of the main screen