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  • Straight-through processing
  • Collateral management
  • Workflow based solutions
  • Risk management (FRTB, SA CCR etc.)
  • Riporting (EMIR, MIFID etc.)

Bank treasury deals with simple to complex derivative financial products, serving the bank's liquidity and risk management activities as well as its special customer requirements. Clear understanding of treasury operation, front-to-back processes and financial products are all key components when implementing and supporting treasury management solutions (TMS). Our highly skilled IT and business analysts possess several decades of experience in designing treasury business flows, as well as implementing, integrating and supporting different TMS solutions. Capsys acquired special competences with Calypso TMS system, delivering various implementation, consulting projects and support activity around the system since 2009. We are official implementation partner of Adenza Inc. (formerly Calypso Technology Inc.) since 2012, and in 2023 Capsys became Adenza's first Central-Eastern European Preferred Partner.


Front-to-back processes                                         Calypso                                       Adenza

Project scoping                                                           Axiom SL

Implementation, system integration                 Kondor+

Business and IT concultancy                                  FIS OMS

Support services                                                         ZeusNXT