Digital loyalty, Virtual Payments, Digital Coupons, Giftcards, Virtual Accounts

Based on its strong capital market and retail banking competence and related integration capabilities, Capsys has extended the scope of its business side research and related application development to the latest trends in financial services with a special attention to the newcomers: the retailer chains.

While conducting the research we identified a clear shift from the traditional towards the branchless banking models. Innovative payment solution trends have been identified as the core of the web-only banks’ as well as the newcomers’ service range. Newcomers are mainly from the retailer and mobile operators’ segment where innovative payment solutions are often supplemented by loyalty programs and service providers have large number of customer. The key goals are (1) to create payment service areas mainly outside of the traditional banking payment and card infrastructure, (2) to offer simple and cheap services to customers, and (3) through acquiring them to collect customer data and (4) offer more tailor-made services and commercial value propositions.

In accordance with business side research and overall market understanding Capsys invested in an R&D application development project with a budget of EUR3 million. The new product, ZeusNXT provides complete state-of-art infrastructure that enables design and configure server side e-wallets with wide range of unique digital loyalty and e-payment services.