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  • Banks connecting to CI
  •  A2A payment schemes
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  •  Fraud Monitoring
  •  PSD2, PSD3

Capsys has been the leading service provider for the bank side implementations of Instant Payment System (IPS) in Hungary. Furthermore, as a result of our R&D project, we have been deeply involved in the „IPS 2.0” overlay service (account to account payment service). At the same time, we have extended fraud monitoring from card transactions to electronic and API channels, and IP transactions, providing a holsistic view of the customer behaviour. We have also had the luck to support banks in their Open Banking implementations, complying with the regulations of PSD2.



IP processing                                           ACI UP-IP                                                     ACI

Realtime Balance                                  BASE24-eps

Order Management                             Capsys Order Manager

Proxy ID                                                    Capsys Proxy ID Registry

A2A payment                                         Capsys IPS 2.0 Connector

Integration                                              Capsys GPI

Request to Pay

Transaction Repository

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