The following opportunities are offered to those interested in working in our team:

For IT experts, programmers
Software development – developing, designing, specifying Capsys Ltd.’s individual applications

Operating databases – database administration tasks, deployments, performance monitoring, settings

Operating applications – mainly those of banks and pension funds, troubleshooting

For economists
Testing – those of finished applications from the user’s aspect, producing business specifications, parametrizing applications

Consulting – performing the tasks linked to developed and supported applications, participation in consulting, introducing and development projects

Selling – performing sales tasks, maintaining contacts with clients, doing market research and analysis, producing offers, presentations and other sales material

Project leadership – participation in introducing, developing projects, providing co-ordination and leadership

What we offer:
- Knowledge in finances, banking technology, IT
- Versatile, sophisticated tasks
- Pleasant work environment

General requirements:
- Medium-level knowledge of English
- Relevant qualifications or experience


We continuously seek to engage talented new colleagues eager to work, fond of verstaile and sophisticated tasks and interested in banking informatics. If you want to work with us, please choose one of the following areas of interest and send your CV, complete with the solution of the problem linked to the selected area, to our address:

Application operator
Project contributor

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